Lanin Cardano Stake Pool

Mision and vision:

  • Secure. IT specialists implementing up to date best practices
  • Reliable. 3x Relays in different cities/ countries
  • Passionate for Cardano!
  • Value the true connection with Nature

Our mission is to be able to positively contribute to building up a secure and really decentralized network. We do this by setting up several servers in different locations of the world, with a mix of secure web servers and hardware servers in order to ensure that we will solve every block that is assigned to us.

Who we are:

We are a team of IT specialists and engineers from different industries living in Patagonia-Argentina. We are passionate about Crypto in every aspect. We blindly believe in the vision of Cardano of bringing a really decentralized, secure and energy efficient network to set the foundations for the world to come.

We live,and lived most of our lives in the area of Patagonia-Argentina very much in contact with nature and an outdoor lifestyle. Feel free to get in contact with us and come to visit us! You will be amazed by the magic of this place.

Our name:

Lanin is the name of one of the highest volcanoes in the area with a total of 3776 m. With two days of hiking on stone and ice, reaching the conical top is one of the most amazing feelings on earth. And yet, not too many people on earth have lived it.

We choose this name because it symbolizes our lives and meanings in many aspects; as challenges to be overcome; as nature to be embraced; as a huge mountain crossing over any other mountain! We feel that “Lanin” is a symbol in every sense of it and we wanted to share it with you. We truly hope one day you are able to feel it too.

You'll be mostly welcome!


We are fully confident in our infrastructure thanks to our DevOps team. Our cardano nodes run on eu-west-4 (Paris) and OVH Strasbourg.

  • 3 cardano relay nodes (1 in Buenos Aires, 1 in Neuquen and 1 on DO web servers in Netherlands)
  • 1 Cardano producer node on DO web servers.
  • 1 Cardano producer node in Argentina ready in case of emergency
  • Monitoring via Grafana and using 24/7 real time alert
  • FAQ

  • When you start to delegate, it will take 16–20 days until you are able to receive your first rewards.
  • After this you will be able to receive rewards every 5 days thereafter.
  • Please note that until we reach a reasonable staking volume, rewards will be low or less regular. But once they come they will be nice! First 30 stakers will count with our monthly pocket payment.
  • Our pocket commitment on payments will be transferred to your ADA wallet every 1st of month.
    • Buy ADA From exchange. Check this video for advice.
    • Transfer your ADA to your wallet: Daedalus or Yoroi
    • Click on staking / delegation tab.
    • Choose LANIN and click on delegate.
    • Follow our videos Link or contact us via telegram or twiter.

    Pledging is the amount of ADA the pool operator has staked in the pool (the skin in the game so to speak). As per Cardano governance consensus the higher the pledge amount, the higher the overall reward the pool receives.

    No, your reward is automatically staked to the same pool your wallet is currently staking. This also applies to any additional ADA the you receive in the wallet after staking.

    It is part of the Cardano protocol design to include the natural element of luck, it is the same for all pools. However, in the long run the rewards should be similar assuming of course the comparative pools are online 100% of the time.

    There are no risks to your ADA when staking on the Caradano network. Staking is built-in to the protocol design, your ADA stays in your wallet under your own control, you can still send and receive as usual.

    Contact Info

    • Email: